Sound Design

We make every sound from scratch, from only the finest of organic free-range ingredients, the majority ethically sourced from our own recordings. Our audio kitchen is primed and ready to be used for each project to design and create fresh signature source content. This is done by using our own secret recipes and renown processing techniques - of which we are forever enhancing and experimenting with for every project. Teams can be sure that they're not only getting the best sound design, they're also getting fresh unique content. Not something warmed up from last week.


We’ve earned the reputation of creating some of the finest sounding cinematics, trailers, and long-form pieces in the industry. Truth be told, we may have a *slight* advantage: our close collaborators and team members have worked in all facets of sound, including on the largest blockbuster Hollywood movies (cue multiple explosions).

We provide full cinematic sound design, editing, and mixing in multiple formats. If your title needs audio for cinematics of any length, whether in-engine or pre-rendered, we can make them shine. Our delivery formats span from stereo all the way to Dolby Atmos and other immersive formats. Whether you need them for screen or stage, dynamic or “youtube” friendly, we've got your back.

Marketing & Commercials

Marketing is our field where our team’s creativity can go crazy and focus on “out of the box” ideas to make our clients vision come true.

We are world renowned for our sound design style and aesthetic and have extensive experience in creating compelling sound design for commercials, films and marketing campaigns that resonates on another level with the audience.

Implementation for Interactive Media

We work closely with game studio programmers to design and help develop unique playback and audio processing systems that tie directly into the existing systems. Couple that with our extensive experience in a wide range of game engines and audio middleware and it should be no surprise that we can make the code stand up and dance.

And don’t worry if your company’s in Timbuktu. We have substantial experience working remotely. Of course, we’re also happy to be on site - it gives us an excuse to leave the Hall of Sweet Justice and get some fresh air.


Handling a number of sensitive IPs and properties at any one time requires us to make sure the data is handled with the utmost security and care. As such, we use independent cybersecurity outfits regularly to provide full audits at Sweet Justice. Allowing clients the confidence to know that their data is incredibly secure and that Sweet Justice meet very specific requirements (such as ISO270001 and Microsoft SSPA) is all part of the service.

(Sweet Justice) is one of the best teams I had a privilege to work with - the sound quality, thoughtfulness and attention to details were mind blowing. This is definitely just the beginning of our cooperation, I can't wait for more!

Arkadiusz Reikowski

Bloober Team

Audio Director

Sweet Justice is phenomenal to work with. Their wide range of audio expertise, speed of implementation, and attention to detail is unmatched. From day one, they integrated perfectly into our team and delivered inventive work.

Chad Moldenhauer

Studio MDHR


Sweet Justice's sound was key in elevating Wolcen: Lord of Mayhem's universe. Their design perfectly fit the audio to our vision.

Daniel Dolui

Wolcen Studio


We'd heard about SJ before working with them as simply being top tier. Excited to work together, we've seen them take things beyond what would have been reasonable from us to expect. They bring more than just audio. There's a vision, craftmanship, technical know-how and all around friendly people that wants to create something awesome with you.

Arcade Berg

Neon Giant

Co-Founder/Game Director

Brilliant sound design with great communication, iteration, and fun. I'm always amazed by the results.

Zak Belica

Epic Games

Director Of Audio Production

Sweet Justice brings a level of creativity to sound design that is second to none in film and games. Their attention to detail, their ability to adapt and their expert communications skills helped turn a very challenging project into a success.

Rich Carle

NetherRealm Studios

Audio Director