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Sweet Justice Indy starts with us assessing the project’s needs and then coming up with a plan to create audio for your indie project at the same quality as we would provide for any large budget project. We’ll then work closely with the team involved, providing them with audio guidance and support throughout the whole process, and making sure that they know that when it comes to audio, we’ve got their back.

for Projects

We review each project individually and decide as a collective which projects we’d like to help. We’re always looking for those unique projects that really jump out and grab us. So we ask that when you submit your project, your submission is clear and concise and contains as much information as possible (no matter how big or small). The more information we receive the better. Be sure to tell us why you’re passionate about your project and make us fall in love with it too!

Tailored to Suit

We work with the project teams to nail down the financial details early on, ensuring that they have a clear and precise number to work with from the start. For example, a company might not be able to afford the cost of audio during development, so a post-release agreement may be the answer. Or perhaps they have an audio budget but it doesn’t cover the amount of audio that the project actually requires, we would do our best to work within the budget while making sure the quality is no less than would be expected on a large budget production. Each project is different and requires a unique approach - we’re dedicated to finding one that fits each team’s individual measurements.

A Thousand Suns

A THOUSAND SUNS, a mind-bending science fiction anthology series of short stories that explores visions of humanity’s future, shaped by the actions of our world today: a gateway to our hopes, dreams and nightmares. We were blown away by the production the director MacGregor had put together, and were thrilled to put our auditory touches on this incredible series!

Stucco - Short Film

Co-Director Janina Gavankar approached Sweet Justice to see if we'd be interested in sound designing what would be one hell of a creepy ride! Stucco is a short film about a woman dealing with agoraphobia is holed up in her apartment, and strange things begin to occur... Written and Directed by both Janina and Russo Schelling, we had a lot of fun bringing this to life!

The Ascent

Sweet Justice provided Neon Giants' first title "The Ascent" with full audio development, including sound design, implementation, cinematics and marketing, at a fraction of the cost that would've been expected for such a title. All because we believe in the team at Neon Giant. They’re a collective of some of the most talented individuals in the industry, and we’re incredibly happy to help bring their vision for The Ascent to life!

We’ve seen SJ take things beyond what would have been reasonable from us to expect. They bring vision, craftmanship, technical know-how and are all around friendly people that want to create something awesome with you.

Arcade Berg

Neon Giant

Co-Founder/Game Director


When we first spoke with them, Studio MDHR had little experience in developing a game. However, upon seeing what they were cooking up, it was clear that their project was going to be an absolutely incredible title. Thanks to our efforts, Cuphead was able to win Audio of The Year at the Game Audio Network Guild Awards (2018)

Sweet Justice is phenomenal to work with. Their wide range of audio expertise, speed of implementation, and attention to detail is unmatched. From day one, they integrated perfectly into our team and delivered inventive, balanced, high quality sounds.

Chad Moldenhauer

Studio MDHR


Sweet Justice

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