Full Service Sound Design and Implementation
Studio MDHR
Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PC/PS4

When we first spoke with them, Studio MDHR had little experience in developing a game. However, upon seeing what they were cooking up, it was clear that their project was going to be an absolutely incredible title. The studio had undertaken huge personal financial liabilities to see Cuphead to fruition, but even so, we knew that the audio budget would not allow for the quality of work that this project deserved. We offered our services through Sweet Justice Indy, providing them with full sound design and implementation for the title, with only a small ask of receiving a break-even cost once the project had sold enough copies to be suitably profitable. Cuphead blew through this target within the first week - and thanks to our efforts, it was able to win Audio of The Year at the Game Audio Network Guild Awards (2018).

Sweet Justice is phenomenal to work with. Their wide range of audio expertise, speed of implementation, and attention to detail is unmatched. From day one, they integrated perfectly into our team and delivered inventive, balanced, high quality sounds.

Chad Moldenhauer

Studio MDHR