God of War Ragnarök

Cinematic Sound Design and Mix & In-game Signature Sound Design and Implementation (combat, creatures, narrative, puzzles)
Sony Santa Monica Studios
PlayStation 5

BOY! Sweet Justice Sound Group were embedded with the fantastic teams at PlayStation Studios Sound and Santa Monica Studios, providing sound design and mix for over 5 hours of cinematics! Alongside this, our team provided in-game sound design for set-pieces, combat and creatures; and technical implementation for our work using Sony Santa Monica's proprietary toolset. A pinch us/once-in-a-lifetime project for many of the crew here, and a journey we shall not forget!


Sony Santa Monica and PlayStation Studios Sound tasked us with making the cinematic sound design for God of War Ragnarök the largest and most exciting in the series' history. In total, the runtime was over five full hours, the length of over 3 feature-length movies. Mixed in 7.1 surround closely matching the level specification of the interactive side of the game to make sure the transition was seamless.

In-Game Sound Design

After our close collaboration with Sony PlayStation Sounds' team on Demons Souls, we continued that work into God of War Ragnarök. Creating signature sounds for various creatures and bosses in the title - allowing the internal sound team to build these into specific assets for the combat. We also created a plethora of breakable audio (crates, boxes... pumpkins!).

We also created audio for several puzzles and setpiece moments in the game, which we then implemented using Santa Monica Studios' toolset.


It was a true pleasure to provide our well-known world-class sound design and mix efforts to the key trailers for the title. Heard by millions across the globe.


None of this would've been possible had it not been for our amazing team

Cinematic Sound Design and Mix
Supervising Sound Editors and Mixers

Samuel Justice
Csaba Wagner

Re-recording Mixer

Thomas C. Brewer

Sound Designers

Graham Donnelly
David Farmer
Eilam Hoffman
Jason W. Jennings
Bryan Jerden
Fred Pearson
Stephano Sanchinelli
Tim Walston

In-Game Sound Design

Sound Designers

Harry Cohen
Luke Hatton
Michael Leaning
Barney Oram
Zachary Quarles
Stefan Rutherford
Paul Stoughton
Joe Thom