Half Life Alyx

Physics Sound Design
Valve Software
March 2020

For this landmark VR title, we lent our expertise to the audio team at Valve Software in order to deliver a huge number of sound assets for physics interactions. Aware of our proficiency with physics-based audio, the team at Valve trusted us to assemble a comprehensive library of sounds for in-game use that would bring the world of Alyx to life. What might be considered simple sounds, such as when the player picks up a book, drops a bottle, or shakes a box - are perhaps some of the most complex interactions to make sound authentic in the VR environment. And owing to our extensive experience, it’s something that we were only too happy to provide.

Sweet Justice helped us achieve a much higher level of audio detail in Half-Life: Alyx by providing thousands of well recorded physics and footstep sounds. They are responsive to feedback, willing to iterate, and eager to exceed expectations.

Roland Shaw

Valve Software

Sound Designer