Halo Infinite

Weapon sound design, campaign sound design, cinematic sound design and mix
343 Industries
PC/Xbox Series X & S

When Sweet Justice were called upon to assist the marvelous team at 343 Industries on their landmark title, Halo Infinite, we ran into our jump-pods and fired ourselves into the project! Providing 343 Industries with signature weapons, huge-sounding setpieces, floor rattling cinematics, and as much sound as we could possibly provide into this incredible project.

Sound Design

343 Industries asked Sweet Justice to use our state of the art techniques to help create some of the most exciting and communicative weapons the series had to offer. Focussing on creating weapons specifically for a sandbox soundscape.


343 Industries also tasked Sweet Justice to bring the story of Halo Infinite to life through sound, leveraging our passion to make the most exciting and interesting sound design for the cinematics.