The Ascent

Full Service Sound Design and Implementation
Neon Giant
Not yet released
Xbox Series X

Neon Giant is an incredibly talented group of individuals and as a team, they’ve collectively gained experience in a wide range of disciplines across the games industry. But, unfortunately, they lacked a team member with the same level of experience in sound design to provide the support needed for top-notch audio. That’s where we came in. Sweet Justice provided them with full audio development, including sound design, implementation, and marketing, at a fraction of the cost that we would normally charge. All because we believe in the team at Neon Giant. They’re a collective of some of the most talented individuals in the industry, and we’re incredibly happy to help bring their vision for The Ascent to life!

We'd heard about SJ before working with them as simply being top tier. Excited to work together, we've seen them take things beyond what would have been reasonable from us to expect. They bring more than just audio. There's a vision, craftmanship, technical know-how and all around friendly people that wants to create something awesome with you.

Arcade Berg

Neon Giant

Co-Founder/Game Director