The Ascent

Full audio development (sound design, implementation, cinematic sound design and marketing sound design)
Neon Giant
PC/Xbox Series X & S

Sweet Justice were beckoned by the superstars at Neon Giant to make their debut title come to life with audio. As the embedded audio team, Sweet Justice provided full sound design, state of the art implementation and mixing, as well as full cinematic sound design and mix. Taking the Cyberpunk audio aesthetic to a new level!

And it shows! With quotes from press outlets such as 'Your team's work on the ascent absolutely knocked it out of the park some of the best audio ever', and 'The audio team stuck perfection with their sound!'

Sweet Justice also assisted Neon Giant with audio production management, helping the new studio navigate the administrative side of audio (music licensing contracts, and so forth).

Sound Design

We aimed to create the most immersive, exciting and striking Cyberpunk soundscape possible for The Ascent. Being huge fans of the subgenre, we wanted to leave our sonic stamp in the gritty realm that is the dark future.

Using our bespoke state of the art sound design and implementation methods; from pre-production concepts to the final game, we aimed to create a cohesive, busy, scary, bustling sounding world alongside the punchiest sounding combat in the industry.


The Ascent was almost entirely data-driven, which allowed us to use the versatility of working with Blueprints in a bespoke manner. Creating all logic and behaviours within Blueprints rather than code. This allowed for a close coupling between sound design and how it reacts to the world.

Cinematics and Marketing

Leveraging our unmatched experience in creating the most exciting audio for marketing, Neon Giant tasked us with making sure the trailers for The Ascent stood out, presenting the sonic style front and centre - exciting new audiences. We also provided full editorial, design and mix services for the cinematics within the game. Making sure the flow between gameplay and cinematic was seamless, as well as aesthetically the same.

CREATING THE ASCENT’S CYBERPUNKED SOUND ( Interview with the Sweet Justice team)