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Formed in 2014, based on the South Coast of the UK and the West Coast of the USA. We’re a motley gang of audio production anti-heroes who’ve banded together to fight against the forces of generic, run-of-the-mill audio design. And we’re doing it with our own patented formula that combines state-of-the-art sound sorcery with our own sweet, fresh style that keeps our clients coming back for more.

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When it comes to our team, you’re always playing with a winning hand.

Special Move

Sweet Justice is phenomenal to work with. Their wide range of audio expertise, speed of implementation, and attention to detail is unmatched. From day one, they integrated perfectly into our team and delivered inventive, balanced, high quality sounds.

Chad Moldenhauer

Studio MDHR


Sweet Justice sound was key in elevating Wolcen: Lord of Mayhem's gameplay and universe. Their design perfectly fit audio to our vision of the game, with minimal guidelines or feedback.

Daniel Dolui

Wolcen Studio


Sweet Justice helped us achieve a much higher level of audio detail in Half-Life: Alyx by providing thousands of well recorded physics and footstep sounds. They are responsive to feedback, willing to iterate, and eager to exceed expectations.

Roland Shaw

Valve Software

Sound Designer

We'd heard about SJ before working with them as simply being top tier. Excited to work together, we've seen them take things beyond what would have been reasonable from us to expect. They bring more than just audio. There's a vision, craftmanship, technical know-how and all around friendly people that wants to create something awesome with you.

Arcade Berg

Neon Giant

Co-Founder/Game Director

Brilliant sound design with great communication, iteration, and fun. I'm always amazed by the results.

Zak Belica

Epic Games

Director Of Audio Production

Sweet Justice brings a level of creativity to sound design that is second to none in film and games. Their attention to detail, their ability to adapt and their expert communications skills helped turn a very challenging project into a success.

Rich Carle

NetherRealm Studios

Audio Director